Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy new year

As the new year unfolds, I wish my blog and its readers (if any :p ) a happy new year. And don't ask me my new year resolutions, I never make any at this point of the year, and you know why!

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Just checking to make sure all is well with my blog!

I spent nearly an hour looking for ways to stylize my blog and got nowhere (Bro, instead of actually writing posts, what am I going to do with styling, but my other part of me was telling c'mon let me start there!). I guess too much of designing apps and coding has turned me into a tasteless web-designer! I liked the new blogger dashboard though!

I want to re-do my blog and continue writing again but coding for the whole day and then coming back home to sit in front of the screen and blog... really requires that extra lilliputian amount energy which I certainly lack. Should try to keep up! I will!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

art of saying "no"

I had written this post several days back, but I'm posting it now coz I think this is the right time.

Everyone of us are wound up in something sometime somewhere. We cannot just get away from that situation because we want to satisfy everyone around us, and eventually end up doing it for the sake of doing it. So, even in our difficult times, we find ourselves almost incapable of denying. Perhaps, this is where things go wrong. I was reading some blog and this thought suddenly popped up in me. We (especially me) should learn the art of saying "NO" for things that are away from our reach. If you get the "yes man" title in your office, that's it, all work that is potentially incapable for others will be thrown at you, and you cannot get away with it easily, and yeah that's what happening in my case :).
Going out of the way and helping others is good, but not always. Once you get the "yes man" title, I think it is difficult to change back from that. The bitter truth is, people are going to use you if you are like that. 
So new project..learning to say "no" in the nicest way possible. Do go out of your way to help others, but not always. Don't get the title. People tend to use you. It is not their mistake, but it is human nature.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

photograhers' day

Ok, I've made a decision to capture moments around me for the next 365days. It was a hard decision to make because I need to remember when and where I need to take my shot, no matter in what situation or mood I am in and however the day is going to be. I'm going to use my 5mp camera phone along with my dslr to make it happen. I hope I don't stop midway!
Started off on "photographers' day" on 19th Aug (Coincidentally the day just came by, and what I day to start this project! ). Thanks to mom to who told me that 19th Aug was pgs' day after I came home from office :)

my link is:
Don't expect all my pics to be good ;) It's just going to be like a photo-diary of 365days!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


For people who haven't heard about project 365, it is like a photo-dairy (that is what I'd like to call it) where you document your life for 365days in the form of photographs. Sounds interesting? I was discussing it with T about it over dinner today. If I start project 365, I really don't want to get off mid-way, so I thought a partner would keep me motivated. He is not willing :(, thinking it might not be possible to take a photo daily; seems that it depends on his mood! now what mood does it take to pull out your camera-phone and take a pic of something interesting you come across that day??
Slightly disappointed and yet to decide on when to start and how it keep the engine running..

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The 3 hour journey

Saturday had bored me. I wanted to go out somewhere far from the crowds for sometime. Was facebooking in the night when P suddenly pinged me. We were experiencing the same kind of distress. A quick plan was made to some random destination which both of us had never visited. Set an alarm to wake up early, got up late, left the house in a hurry.
P had been waiting in the bus stop by then.
Clouds looked angry, and hinted me not to travel by bike. So I parked my bike in a bus terminus and got into a bus. The main purpose of this getaway was to get some good photographs as both of us were photo-hungry(esp me).
It took 3hours to reach SP. An auto-rickshaw guy was our guide for the rest of the day. We went to all the surrounding places. A temple, followed by a river, a fort, the summer palace of Tipu Sultan were some of the places we visited. Clicking all the way!
All done, we headed to the bird sanctuary. I didn't have the proper gear (lens) to photograph birds. Rangantitto is a very famous place for migratory birds. Variety of birds from as far as South Africa visit here every year, thousands of them! Though it was Sunday, this place was calm and far from chaos, and that is what I liked about it. Both me and P enjoyed the short trip.
Came back with some cold and sore throat.
More of my clicks can be found here :

Sunday, July 17, 2011

do schools like these exist?

What if you open the door in the morning, come out, yawn, and see a wild elephant there greeting you, or a bunch of deer giving you a smile. This is the way they begin their life here. It was a village where I had been to yesterday, and it was a day filled with full of different experiences. As a part of our volunteering, we had been to several villages, specifically the Government schools in those villages to distribute some items like toothpaste, toothbrush, bathing soap etc.. to satisfy their basic needs. The conditions of these schools? Don't ask. This was my first visit to a Govt school. I didn't expect it to be so bad and ill-maintained. If it rains, the classroom would leak seamlessly! Govt has just constructed the school and left. No maintenance what so ever!  We were able to cover about 5 schools yesterday near SH. The children, needless to say, were so innocent, cute, and full-of-themselves. It felt so nice to be among them :)

In the first school, there were only 2 teachers in the whole school and they taught students right from Nursery to 4th grade (this school had only schooling till 4th grade). The teachers here travel for about 4 hours to reach the school. School starts at 11am and gets over by 3pm. I didn't know schools like this existed. Teachers were greatly committed to keep the school up and running. I was taken aback.
After distribution here we moved to the next school. Similar situation. The strength of the school was 30- and that was from the 1st grade to the 10th grade in total. 4 teachers here.

Since all these schools are surrounded by forests, the students had to walk the risk of running into elephants when they commute to school. Though it sounds like a day-to-day usual task for them, can you imagine our parents let us go to school by walk, and that too in a forest inhabited by elephants? I don't think so! That's the way they live. They live in the wild, with the wild. Swamiji taught them some songs, and then we left the school. Moved on. .

After finishing all visits as planned, we had tea in a roadside village shop, and we thought we'd venture into the forest to see if we're lucky to spot some elephants. Man, as it is I was kicking myself for not carrying my cam along. And things happen when you least anticipate them. We climbed up this watch tower to see if we can spot any. (pic taken from my phone)
Whoa! What a moment! We found 3 elephants, big ones. Full happy happy :P But they were far. We wanted a closer view. We got down and walked, climbed, and made our way to a small hillock which gave us a perfect view. There were 6 elephants along with a small baby elephant :) Throughout the way we were pricked by thorns, shirts got a little damaged; but to tell you, it was all worth the effort. We stood there for around 1 hour just gazing at them, their wild, and free life! Amazing sight I must say. We brought home memories, and some pics which I'll post in my next write-up coz I haven't received it from my friend yet. I'd love to write more, but I guess I'll stop here :)